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Asset management


The portfolios do not comprise fixed solutions. They are a base to compose a strategy, which would suit the needs of our Clients best. It is possible to narrow the scope of instruments among which we perform the portfolio selection.

The portfolio structure and the investment strategy is always adjusted to:

  • individual requirements and capabilities  of a Client
  • investment goals
  • investment horizon
  • degree of acceptable risk
  • expected rate of return 

Moreover, a Client actively takes part in:

  •  selection of the asset classes
  • specification of benchmarks
  • determination  of risk limitation methods

Our Clients receive full information concerning their securities portfolio while entrusting us with their funds. What is more, the Clients may at any point in time obtain data related to the current value of their portfolio. Once a month, we provide a comprehensive report on any transactions concluded within the particular month along with the analytical composition of the portfolio. When accepting the funds under management  we guarantee that any data concerning the turnover on our Clients’ accounts are confidential.

The service of securities portfolio management consists of investing the funds entrusted by a Client in selected financial market instruments on their behalf and for their account. The portfolio managers allocate funds according to an investment strategy predetermined with the Client based on a management agreement and a granted power of attorney.

The funds my be invested in:
  • shares
  • treasury notes
  • bonds
  • other debt securities
  • bank deposits
  • derivatives

Our fundamental objective is to produce satisfactory results of management. In order to achieve that we implement modern method of risk control and rigorous investment procedures. Our investments are supported by broad analysis and research.


The asset management services are rendered based on a management agreement and the binding “Rules of rendering securities portfolio  management services by Legg Mason Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA.” The management agreement specifies the following elements:

  • initial value of the portfolio
  • investment strategy
  • remuneration for management

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