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esaliens 2060

Subfund's details

Sub-fund type
Defined date
Inception date
29 November 2019
Maximum handling fee
Management fee
Performance fee
None for now
Effective duration of the debt portion of the portfolio (in years)
Proportion of investment-grade securities in debt part

Data as of 30 September 2020

Sub-fund’s assets
PLN 719 755
Unit value
PLN 48.75

Performance chart

Selected dates scope:
The chart presents performance of class P units

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Change in the value of a sub-fund's participation unit *. The subfund has been operating since November 29, 2019. Due to the short history of the subfund's operation, the full data in the table cannot be presented.
Period Esaliens 2060 Benchmark
1 month -1.65% n/a
3 months 5.52% n/a
6 months 18.96% n/a
12 months n/a n/a
36 months n/a n/a
60 months n/a n/a
from begin of the year -2.56% n/a
* Valuations for units of category P, 30-09-2020

Risk Level

5 - high risk

Investment structure

An increasing share of the debt portion and a decreasing share of the equity portion.

Profil inwestora

The sub-fund is targeted at:

  • participants of Employee Capital Schemes (PPK),
  • people born before 1998 and 2002,
  • who plan to accumulate long-term savings, including for retirement purposes.
The investors expect the investment to adapt to their age and retirement date and accept the level of risk attached to the investment.

additional information

Transfer Agent

Pekao Financial Services Sp. z o.o.


Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.

investment process

Each Esaliens PPK SFIO sub-fund is a defined date sub-fund with a different investment policy suited to various employee age groups who are participants of Employee Capital Schemes (PPK). As the sub-fund moves closer to its target date, it will make investments, taking into account the need to reduce the level of investment risk. The planned possible share of equities in Esaliens 2060 is 80-0% and 20-100% for bonds.

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ESALIENS 2060 - Fact card 70.85 KB

Important information

Detailed information concerning ESALIENS PPK Specialized Open-End Investment Fund (the “Fund”) is included in the Prospectus and the Key Investor Information Documents available on the website and in written form in the registered office of the fund (Warsaw, 12, Bielanska Str.). The Prospectus as well as Key Investor Information Documents include the data required to evaluate an investment, outline the risks connected with participation in the fund, and inform on the related costs, charges and taxes. Before investing in the fund it is recommended to get to know the Key Investor Information Documents issued for the selected Sub-fund as well as with the Prospectus.
Past performance is no guarantee of similar future returns. The Sub-funds’ performance is reported before capital gains tax. Individual return rates depend on the unit purchase and redemption dates as well as on the amount of administration fee charged and the amount of tax due. The Fund does not guarantee that the Sub-fund’s investment objective or a specific investment result will be achieved. Fund participants must take into account the possibility of losing at least part of their investment. The fund may invest more than 35% of its asset value in securities issued or guaranteed by the Treasury or the National Bank of Poland, a local government unit or by the central public authorities or central bank of a Member State, the European Central Bank, the European Union or the European Investment Bank or by international organizations, provided that the securities issued or guaranteed by these international organizations have an investment grade rating assigned by a credit rating agency recognized by the European Central Bank in their operations, as well as deposits with a maturity of not more than 180 days in domestic banks or credit institutions within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 - Banking Law, provided that these credit institutions have an investment grade rating assigned by a credit rating agency recognized by the European Central Bank in his operations. The net asset value of the Sub-fund may exhibit high volatility owing to the composition of the investment portfolio. This document is intended for promotional purposes only; the graphs, diagrams and tables included herein are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute forecasts. This document does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code or a public offering within the meaning of the Act on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organized Trading, and Public Companies, investment advice, any other advice or recommendation with respect to the purchase or sale of any financial instruments, as well as other information that suggests or recommends any investment strategies. Source of data: ESALIENS TFI SA own calculations. Source of risk and reward profile is the Key Investor Information of ESALIENS 2060. ESALIENS TFI SA, managing ESALIENS PPK SOEIF, operates on the basis of the decision of 18 June 1998 issued by the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission.

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