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Special Purpose Savings Plan (CPO)

Select your goal and accomplish it with ESALIENS!

Define your needs, define your goal and we will help you collect funds for that purpose.

Special Purpose Savings Plan (CPO)

The Special Purpose Savings Plan (CPO) is a type of a modern money box which gives you an opportunity to collect funds for the goals you have defined. The CPO has been designed for you and your loved ones so that you can offer them comfort and a sense of financial security or realization of plans and dreams or simply funds for their future needs. ESALIENS CPO operates as if you put your money aside into a money box - you put more money into it whenever you can. If you need to withdraw your funds, you can use them, as well. See what else ESALIENS Special Purpose Savings Plan has to offer!

Why choose ESALIENS CPO?

Flexible mechanism of operation

You decide!

Accumulation of funds within the Special Purpose Savings Plan functions similarly to saving in a money box.  When you have free funds, you just pay them in.
On the other hand, when you run short of money, you can withdraw your funds in whole or in part.

Your funds work constantly

Modern money box

As opposed to the traditional money box, funds accumulated within the CPO work all the time. They are invested in one of ESALIENS funds/sub-funds you have selected to increase your savings. You can choose from the following:
In addition, you can change your selected fund free of charge twice every six-month period.

You determine the saving period on your own!

5, 10, 15 or 30 years

Within ESALIENS CPO, you choose the period during which you want to collect funds. You can choose between 5-, 10-, 15- or even 30-year plans. In case of plans for 15 or 30 years, you have a chance to receive an additional bonus for perseverance! Remember, the longer you save, the greater your chances to collect a more considerable amount to achieve your objectives.

Free and comfortable

Feel the comfort of saving!

With ESALIENS CPO, you do not have to remember to make regular payments. You can place a standing order and your bank will remember to do it for you! Moreover, in the event of suspension of payments or a withdrawal of part of funds, we charge no handling fee.

What is worth saving for with ESALIENS?


Your specific objective:
  • Education of your child

Hypothetical saving period:
  • CPO 5 years
  • CPO 10 years
  • CPO 15 years


Your specific objective:
  • Early loan repayment

Hypothetical saving period:
  • CPO 15 years
  • CPO 30 years


Your specific objective:
  • Good start in adult life

Hypothetical saving period:
  • CPO 10 years
  • CPO 15 years
  • CPO 30 years


Your specific objective:
  • Better car
  • Travels
  • Unexpected expenses

Hypothetical saving period:
  • CPO 5 years

How to start saving?

Learn how to ensure a secure future for your family in 4 simple steps.

Specify the investment duration

Select the period during which you want to save: 5, 10, 15 or 30 years.

Declare the amount of payment

Estimate your first payment and target sum you wish to save.

Start building your future today!

Pay in whenever you want and in any amount you want, keeping in mind that a minimum additional payment is PLN 100.

Bonus for Customers

The key to success in saving is determination and regularity. Not only can long-term saving within ESALIENS CPO bring you benefits arising from your investments, but it also allows you to get an extra bonus. We value the persistent, so we reward them with a special bonus:

CPO FOR 15 YEARS: for those saving within the CPO for 15 years, we give a chance to obtain additional funds in the amount of one average monthly payment.

CPO FOR 30 YEARS: for those saving within the CPO for 30 years, we give a chance to obtain additional funds in the amount of three average monthly payment.

The bonus is paid once the conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions of the CPO have been met.

Special Purpose Savings Plan

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Did U know...

ESALIENS Equity is one of the longest operating subfunds on the Polish market and it is one of the largest subfunds of Polish equity in the country in terms of AUM.

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