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ESALIENS Equity Focused Closed-End Investment Fund

Benefit from the fund's flexibility  and market opportunities

This is an advertising information.

This document is intended for promotional purposes only; the graphs, charts and tables included therein are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute forecasts. This document does not constitute an offer, investment advice or recommendation with respect to the purchase or sale of any financial instruments.

Subscription terms and conditions, the description of risk factors and detailed information concerning the ESALIENS Equity Focused CEIF concentrated equity closed-end investment fund are included in the Fund's Articles of Association and the prospectus concerning the fund's investment certificates available at the registered office of the Management Company (Ul. Warecka 11A, 00-034 Warszawa), on the website (during the time when the certificate series in question is offered) and on the website. The fund's net asset value exhibits significant volatility owing to the composition of its investment portfolio. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The fund's performance is reported before capital gains tax and the fees related to the investment certificates offered. Individual rates of return depend on the purchase and redemption dates of investment certificates as well as on the amount of the administration fee charged and the amount of tax due.

The fund does not guarantee that the investment objective will be achieved or that a specific investment result will be achieved. Certificate holders must take into account the possibility of losing at least part of the deposited funds. Before investing, the investor should read the prospectus concerning the fund's investment certificates carefully. Returns on investments in investment funds obtained by natural persons are subject to capital gains tax. Source of data: ESALIENS TFI SA own calculations.

A subfund of The subfund is available within products with tax preferences

Subfund's details

Subfund type
Equity subfund
Inception date
3 August 2009
Management fee

Data as of 30 April 2024

Fund's size

PLN 13,158,463.03
Value of the investment certificate (24.04.2024)
PLN 1,313.22

Risk Level

6 - high risk

Risk indicator is presented in accordance with the Key Information Document. The indicator is calculated based on the historical volatility of the fund's rates of return resulting from the implemented investment policy and may change in the future. Even the lowest risk category does not mean that the fund is risk-free. Other risk factors related to investing in the fund, which are not included in the indicator, are presented in the Key Information Document, the fund's Articles of Association and the Articles of Incorporation.


The fund is targeted at investors who:
  • expects a high rate of return on the capital invested
  • accepts high level of risk.
  • Investors should assume an investment horizon of at least several years.

investment process

ESALIENS Equity Focused Closed-End Investment Fund is an opportunity-type fund. Its objective is to generate returns significantly above the broad market level, as measured by the WIG Index in 5-year cycles. The investment policy of the fund assumes that it will invest mainly in stocks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). The quantitative structure of the portfolio and the percentage weight of each company in the portfolio are determined exclusively on the basis of fundamental analysis and the expected riskadjusted rate of return. The market capitalization of a company and its index weight are irrelevant in the company selection process, unlike in standard equity funds. WIG - Warsaw Stock Exchange Index


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