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Individual Retirement Protection Account (IKZE)

Take advantage of a tax relief!

Deduct payments to your IKZE from your income and recover even up to PLN 2,663.04* of the relief in your PIT return for 2023.

Individual Retirement Protection Account (IKZE)

An Individual Retirement Protection Account (IKZE) is a special account that enables you to save funds for the future and, at the same time, to deduct your annual payments to the account from your income in a PIT return. The relief amount depends on your payments and the amount of income tax you pay. The limit of payments is determined annually by the Minister of Labour. In 2023, you can pay to your account even PLN 8,322 (individual persons) or 12,483 (if you run a business)! This gives you a chance to recover even up to PLN 2,663.04 or PLN 3,994.56* in your PIT return for 2023. Check your opportunities!

*With a tax threshold of 32% and a maximum payment to the IKZE

Why choose IKZE with ESALIENS?

Tax relief in 4 dimensions!

Feel the relief!

Due to the IKZE with ESALIENS, you may gain a quadruple tax relief:

  • You may deduct payments made to your IKZE in a given year from income in your PIT return.
  • A withdrawal of funds (after satisfying the conditions of a specified age and period of saving) is subject to a lump sum income tax at a preferential rate in the amount of only 10%.
  • You will not pay the tax on gains in the amount of 19%.
  • In case of inheriting funds accumulated in your IKZE, persons you have indicated will not pay the tax on inheritance and donations.

Clear conditions of keeping the account

Transparent fees!

When opening the IKZE with ESALIENS, you receive exceptional conditions:
  • a fee of PLN 750 for opening the account
  • you do not pay for additional payments of funds
  • you do not incur costs for keeping the account
  • no fees for transferring money between funds
  • after the 1st year of keeping the account, withdrawals and refunds do not generate additional fees.
  • We do not require making regular payments! The account operates on the basis of the rule “I have, I pay – I do not have, I do not pay”

Flexibility of the account management

Decide independently!

The IKZE with ESALIENS gives you a sense of independence.

You can decide about the amount and frequency of payments to the account on your own, keeping in mind only that the first payment must be at least PLN 1,000 and every next one at least PLN 100.

You can also change your investment strategy free of charge and determine the distribution of payments between funds.

Provision for the autumn of life!

Plan your future!

With the IKZE, you can build your better future and give yourself a chance to improve the standard of living in later years. Moreover, savings from the IKZE can form provision for your loved ones, because they are inherited by the persons you have designated.

Take matters into your own hands and be independent of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and an Open Pension Fund (OFE)!

Investment strategies

Having in mind different goals, age, expectations and capabilities of our customers, we have seen to a selection of investment strategies tailored to different needs. We have prepared strategies for experienced investors who can create their own investment portfolio with a range of ESALIENS funds, as well as ready-made model solutions, where the investment risk is adapted to the saving person's age. Find out your opportunities!

Basic strategy with the ESALIENS Stable subfund

If you choose ESALIENS Stable, you are probably a long-term investor accepting a moderate investment risk, having in mind especially pension purposes. You expect a higher rate of return than those offered by bank deposits, as well as debt, cash and money market funds.

ESALIENS Stable invests part of its funds in equities, but a greater emphasis is placed on debt securities, for example bonds. This subfund gives you an opportunity to invest in great measure in debt securities issued by the State Treasury and commercial debt securities.

To sum up:
- typically, you invest 35% of funds in shares, mostly of Polish companies
- you invest most of your funds in Treasury bonds, commercial debt securities and money market instruments (about 65% of your investments)

Individual strategy

If you choose Individual Strategy, you are probably a determined investor, and you are well-oriented as regards rules of the capital market. You create your own investment portfolio by deciding to which of ESALIENS funds they will be allocated.

Depending on your decisions, you can choose several funds/subfunds or decide to invest only in one fund/subfund.

List of available funds/subfunds, with which you can create your own investment portfolio:

ESALIENS Small and Medium Cap
ESALIENS Global Equity
ESALIENS Medicine&New Technology ESALIENS Innovation
ESALIENS Stable ESALIENS US Small Cap Opportunity
ESALIENS Conservative ESALIENS Emerging Markets
ESALIENS Senior OEIF ESALIENS Global Fixed Income Multi Strategy
  ESALIENS Macro Opportunities Bond

 Remember that you can invest at least 5% or an amount which is a multiple of 5% of your deposit in one fund/subfund.

Model strategy - "Life Cycle"

If you select the Model Strategy "Life Cycle", you are probably an investor who wants to diversify risk and make the investment model dependent on your age and needs.
We determine an investment strategy for you in advance, and we adapt it to your age - the older you get, the lower is the investment risk we strive to choose for you by adjusting operations so that they are still exceptionally beneficial.
The Life Cycle is a very convenient strategy - we save your precious time, because decisions about allocations of your funds are made automatically, and you collect the fruits of your investments.

The fund allocation method under the "Life Cycle" model strategy is presented in the table and the graph below:

Age up to 45 over 45 to 50 over 50 to 55 over 55 to 60 over 60 to 65 over 65 to 70 over 70
ESALIENS Conservative
0% 0% 0% 0% 40% 60% 70%
ESALIENS Stable 40% 60% 80% 100% 60% 40% 30%
ESALIENS Equity 60% 40% 20% 0% 0% 0% 0%


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