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Employee Pension Schemes (PPE)

Take care of the future of your employees!

Show that you are a socially responsible employer and help your employees build a capital for their future.

Employee Pension Scheme (PPE) 

The Employee Pension Scheme (PPE) forms an element of the third pillar of the retirement system. It is a kind of an additional non-wage benefit in the form of a group savings plan, organized within the enterprise. Operation of the PPE consists in the fact that an employer pays in funds for a private pension of its employees, independent of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and Open Pension Funds (OFE). Terms of the scheme operation are governed by the Act on Employee Pension Schemes; furthermore, PPE is subject to registration in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). See what opportunities an employee pension scheme with ESALIENS funds offers!

why choose PPE with ESALIENS?

Favourable cost conditions 

"Cheap" pay rise

The PPE is a financially beneficial solution. The contributions that the employer pays each month to the benefit of an employee are exempt from the compulsory social insurance duties. Moreover, costs relating to keeping the scheme are a deductible cost for the employer.

Tax relief for the employee

Savings without tax!

The Employee Pension Scheme also offers tax benefits for the employee. The first one consists in an exemption from the tax on gains in case of withdrawals of funds during the retirement. Another one is an exemption from the tax on inheritance and donations at the withdrawal of funds by beneficiaries in case of death of the participant.

Magnet for talents

Build a motivated staff!

The Employee Pension Scheme is a tool for creating a positive image of the employer and a perfect element of the human resources policy. The PPE forms not only an element motivating existing employees, but also a benefit attracting the best candidates.

Individual approach to the customer

We are at your disposal!

We offer you advice and assistance. We provide ongoing support of the best specialists in the field of retirement plans and schemes. We share our knowledge and experience gained over 18 years of operation of PPE in Poland.


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We manage the longest-running PPE in Poland (over 24 years)

46 tysiecy uczestnikow planow i programow emerytalnych

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Over 46 th. people put their trust in our PPE

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ESALIENS support 

We develop solutions that meet the requirements of the Act on PPE and expectations of employers. Separate schemes are created individually for each customer. During the term of the scheme we offer support, as well as competent and active assistance, while being in constant contact with the employer. Due to this, we help adapt PPE agreements to changing regulations or expectations of our customers.

Constant access to information

We provide regular access to information on profits made by the funds, laws governing PPE-related issues, as well as data as regards operated PPE, making it easier for the employers to prepare mandatory reports for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Free Training

We organize free training addressed to people handling PPE with ESALIENS funds. We are actively engaged in effective operation of jointly run schemes.

Shaping the employer's image

Our many-year experience confirms that employee pension schemes are a powerful tool as regards creating the image of a responsible employer. It is a solution which motivates employees, as well as enhances their commitment and performance, as the sense of providing for the future in the form of regular savings with tax benefits affects not only the level of employees' satisfaction, but also increases their sense of security.

Acknowledged in Poland and in the world

ESALIENS has operated for almost 20 years, earning trust of powerful entrepreneurs. We were the first in the Polish market to introduce Employee Pension Schemes into our offer. Since 1999, we have managed the longest operating PPE in Poland; we have been trusted by many large national and international employers. For over 15 years, we have gained unique experience, expertise and reputation in the field of creation, administration and management of Employee Pension Schemes. For us, it is one of the main business lines, which we constantly develop, thus strengthening our position as one of the market leaders in Poland.

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Regional Sales Director

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