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esaliens food water agriculture and water ceif

Due to the non-public nature of the fund, the subsequent pages about Esaliens Food Agriculture and Water CEIF are available for fund's investors and distributor's employees in Polish only.

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Materials on the subsequent pages, which are available upon entering the password, are for promotional purposes only. Information on ESALIENS Food Agriculture and Water CEIF (the fund) presented on the subsequent pages are not and cannot be treated as an offer to purchase investment certificates of the fund, or to subscribe for the fund's investment certificates, and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Polish Civil Code.
The terms and conditions of subscription and the risk factors as well as detailed information about the fund, including rules for taxation of income related to holding and trading in the fund's investment certificates are available in the fund's articles of association and the terms and conditions of the fund's investment certificates issue, which are made available in the framework of the proposals addressed individually to specific entities. The fund's Articles of Association and the Terms and conditions of the fund's investment certificates issue (both in Polish only) are the sole legally binding source of information on ESALIENS Food Agriculture and Water CEIF.
The net asset value of the fund will be characterized by high volatility due to the composition of the investment portfolio. Investment certificates holders must be aware of the possibility of losing at least a part of invested capital. Before investing you should carefully read the contents of the Terms and conditions of the fund's investment certificates issue in Polish. The fund does not guarantee that the investment objective or a specific investment result will be achieved.

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