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Employee Savings Scheme (ppo)

Build comfort of your employees

Learn about a tool with which you can give your employees a sense of security and help them accumulate savings.

Employee Savings Scheme (PPO)

The Employee Savings Scheme (PPO) is a form of group fund saving for the future, for example for pension purposes, organized on the employer's initiative, being an additional benefit to employees' salaries. Under the plan, units in ESALIENS funds are purchased to the employee's benefit. The PPO is a flexible plan constructed according to the employer's defined needs and capabilities. Due to the form of group saving, funds within the PPO are managed on preferential cost conditions. Check the potential of the PPO with ESALIENS!

why choose ESALIENS?

Incentive for talents

Create a strong team!

The PPO is a benefit that gives a sense of security and stability. The plan constitutes a solution that attracts the most qualified and financially conscious employees. And they build a strong and sustainable organization.

Full flexibility!


Under the PPO, we can implement many concepts that will be tailored to your expectations and objectives. You can, for example, increase the saving power by encouraging employees to put aside additional, individual savings under the plan. You may also determine detailed rules for the employees of using funds accumulated in the PPO.

Benefits for both parties

Invest in your company!

People are the core element of your company. To operate effectively, it needs motivated employees. The PPO is a tool that can give your employees a sense of security and being appreciated, which will translate for you directly into stronger commitment and higher efficiency of work.

Plans "tailored to the needs"

We are at your disposal!

We will help you create an employee savings scheme for your company, taking into account your needs and capabilities. You can create a plan for all employees or for a selected group of the employed. We offer support and suggestions, and we recommend solutions which, over the years, have proved effective in a variety of business models.

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Purchase of units

The Employee Savings Scheme consists in purchasing units in selected ESALIENS funds. Contributions to the plan can be financed solely by the employer or with the employee's participation. ESALIENS, together with the employer, determines the investment options available to employees.

ESALIENS support

Offers are created for each customer individually. During the term of the plan, we offer competent and active assistance. We provide regular access to information about profits earned by the funds. We provide support in the introduction of modifications to and the development of the plan. We are eager to share our knowledge with our customers, whom we provide with reports and analyses on savings programs in work establishments.

Free training

We organize free training for people handling the PPO and assist in building communication strategies in respect of the plan within the organization. We are actively engaged in effective functioning of our services.

Amount and frequency of payments and withdrawals

Terms of payment and the manner in which the employee may use the funds are determined by the employer in terms and conditions of the plan. Payments are counted in the participant's salary; therefore, they are subject to income tax and compulsory premiums to social insurance.

Reputation and experience of ESALIENS

ESALIENS has the longest experience in Poland as regards operating and managing pension schemes under the third pillar of the retirement system. We manage the longest operating employee pension scheme, and we are one of the leaders of this market in the country. We provide our services to companies from many sectors of the economy, among others, the financial, fuel, energy and retail sector.

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Employee Savings Scheme (PPO)

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