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ESALIENS Conservative*

A subfund of ESA Umbrella OEIF The subfund is available within products with tax preferences

Subfund's details

Subfund type 
Fixed income
Inception date
4 January 1999
Minimum investment
PLN 100
Maximum initial fee (A units)
Management fee (A units)
Account No. for purchases
36 1050 0086 1000 0090 3004 5000
no benchmark

Data as of 30 June 2021

Subfund size
PLN 342.7 m
Price (class A units)
PLN 282.76
Effective duration of the portfolio's debt part (in years)
Investment grade securities in portfolio's debt part

Performance chart

Selected dates scope:
The chart presents performance of class A units

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Period ESA Conservative
1 month 0.09%
3 months -0.27%
6 months -0.14%
12 months 0.27%
36 months 3.17%
60 months 7.19%
YTD -0.04%
* Performance of class A units, 26-07-2021

Risk profile

1 - low risk

asset allocation

100% of funds invested in fixed income instruments.

Investor's profile

The subfund is designed for an investor who:

  • only accepts minimum risk,
  • wishes to preserve the investment value in real terms,
  • definitely avoids exposure to equity market
  • and accepts profits higher than those obtained on bank deposits with higher liquidity

additional information

Transfer Agent

Pekao Financial Services Sp. z o.o.


ING Bank Śląski S.A. w Katowicach

investment process

  • Investments: The Subfund invests its assets mainly in debt securities and Treasury bills & bonds issued by the Treasury and other issuers, including corporates;
  • The Subfund’s investment policy is focused on achieving stable returns, to the maximum extent possible;
  • Very low investment risk;
  • No distribution fee – 100% of the Investor’s assets are invested.


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*previously Esaliens Saver

Esaliens Conservative

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Important information

The fund do not guarantee that the investment objective or a specific investment result will be achieved. Before investing, you should read the Prospectus and the Key Investor Information Documents. The Prospectus as well as the Key Investor Information Documents include the data required to evaluate an investment, outline the risks connected with participation in the fund, and inform on the related costs, charges and taxes. Read the full text of the important information


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