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esaliens 2065

Subfund's details

Sub-fund type
Defined date
Inception date
20 January 2021
Maximum handling fee
Management fee
Performance fee
Max 0.1% of the Sub-fund's net asset value per annum
Proportion of investment-grade securities in debt part

Change in the value of a sub-fund's participation unit *. The subfund has been operating since January 20, 2021. Due to the short history of the subfund's operation, the full data in the table cannot be presented.
Period Esaliens 2065
1 month -2.72%
3 months -8.29%
6 months -4.04%
12 months 5.94%
36 months n/a
60 months n/a
from begin of the year -3.74%
* Valuations for units of category P, 26-01-2022

Risk Level

5 - high risk

Investment structure

An increasing share of the debt portion and a decreasing share of the equity portion.

Profil inwestora

The sub-fund is targeted at:

  • participants of Employee Capital Schemes (PPK),
  • people born before 2003 and 2007,
  • who plan to accumulate long-term savings, including for retirement purposes.
The investors expect the investment to adapt to their age and retirement date and accept the level of risk attached to the investment.

additional information

Transfer Agent

Pekao Financial Services Sp. z o.o.


Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.

investment process

Each Esaliens PPK SFIO sub-fund is a defined date sub-fund with a different investment policy suited to various employee age groups who are participants of Employee Capital Schemes (PPK). As the sub-fund moves closer to its target date, it will make investments, taking into account the need to reduce the level of investment risk. The planned possible share of equities in Esaliens 2065 is 80-0% and 20-100% for bonds.

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ESALIENS 2065 - Fact card 64.5 KB

Important information

The fund do not guarantee that the investment objective or a specific investment result will be achieved. Before investing, you should read the Prospectus and the Key Investor Information Documents. The Prospectus as well as the Key Investor Information Documents include the data required to evaluate an investment, outline the risks connected with participation in the fund, and inform on the related costs, charges and taxes. Read the full text of the important information


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