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esaliens infrastructure

A subfund of ESA Foreign Umbrella SOEIF The subfund is available within products with tax preferences

Subfund's details

Subfund type 
Global equity
Inception date
25 November 2022
Minimum investment
PLN 100
Maximum  initial charge (class A units)
Management fee (A units)
Account No. for purchases
70 1140 0000 0000 5589 9801 1003
SFDR classification
The sub-fund is a light green investment product as defined in Art. 8 of the SFDR Regulation

This is an advertising information. Past performance does not indicate future returns.


The chart presents performance of class A units
Selected dates scope:

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Change in the value of a sub-fund's participation unit *. The subfund has been operating since 25 Nov 2022. Due to the short history of the subfund's operation, the full data in the table cannot be presented.
1 month 5.65%
3 months 3.41%
6 months 3.42%
12 months -2.27%
36 months n/a
60 months n/a
from begin of the year 1.75%
*  Valuations for units of category A, 16-05-2024

Risk Level

4 - high risk

Risk indicator is presented in accordance with the Key Information Document. The indicator is calculated based on the historical volatility of the fund's rates of return resulting from the implemented investment policy and may change in the future. Even the lowest risk category does not mean that the fund is risk-free. Other risk factors related to investing in the fund, which are not included in the indicator, are presented in the Key Information Document and the Fund's Prospectus.


100% – units of the FTGF ClearBridge Infrastructure Value Fund

The underlying sub-fund invests at least 80% of its net asset value in infrastructure companies through equity and equity related securities listed or traded on regulated markets in the G7 countries (USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada), as well as in other developed countries and emerging markets.

The underlying sub-fund will make the above-mentioned investments in the following sectors: utilities (e.g. energy, gas or water supply), transport (e.g. toll roads, railway infrastructure, airports), communication (e.g. satellites, Internet, telecommunication networks), social infrastructure and municipal (e.g. municipal housing, stadiums and related infrastructure).

Investor's profile

The Subfund is intended for an Investor who:

  • strives to achieve, in 3-year periods, a rate of return as close as possible to that achieved by the FTGF ClearBridge Infrastructure Value Fund subfund,
  • accepts high investment risk,
  • expects an increase in the value of capital thanks to investments - through the base sub-fund - primarily in infrastructure companies listed or traded on regulated markets indicated in the base sub-fund's prospectus,
  • seeks investment solutions that promote environmental and social aspects or take into account ESG factors in management,
  • avoids the market-timing strategy (predicting stock market trends and building portfolios for short-term expected and predicted scenarios).
It is an investor expecting a significantly higher rate of return in the medium and long term than from bank deposits, cash, debt and mixed funds, ready to  significant losses in the short term in anticipation of profit in the long term.

The sub-fund may be used, among other things, for regular saving as part of long-term savings and pension programs (IKE, IKZE). The subfund may be used in particular by persons participating in the third pillar of the pension system, employees participating in occupational pension programs run by employers in the form of an agreement with an investment fund.

The evaluation of the management results should be made by the Investor in a period of not less than 3 years.

additional information

Transfer Agent

Pekao Financial Services Sp. z o.o.


Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A.


The subfund seeks to:
  • track as closely as possible the performance of the FTGF ClearBridge Infrastructure Value Fund.

Investments of subfund assets:

  • from 50% to 100% – units of the FTGF ClearBridge Infrastructure Value Fund a sub-fund operating within the framework of Franklin Templeton Global Funds plc (a foreign fund registered in Ireland);
  • up to 20% – debt securities and money market instruments,
  • up to 20% – deposits;
  • up to 20% – units of other Polish investment funds or units of other collective investment institutions.

The sub-fund is actively managed.


ESALIENS Infrastructure - Fact card 87.86 KB

The fund complies

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Investor's giude

Important information

This is an advertising information. This material does not contain sufficient information to make an investment decision. The promoted investment means the purchase of participation units.

The fund do not guarantee that the investment objective or a specific investment result will be achieved. Before investing, you should read the Prospectus and the Key Information Documents. The Prospectus as well as the Key Information Documents include the data required to evaluate an investment, outline the risks connected with participation in the fund, and inform on the related costs, charges and taxes. Read the full text of the important information


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