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ESALIENS Investment Fund Company announces that starting from 19 January 2019, the names of two sub-funds within Esaliens Umbrella Open-end Investment Fund are changed:

new names

ESALIENS Small & Medium Cap

The change in the name of the sub-fund is connected to the modification of the investment policy, which from 19 January 2019 is amended in accordance with the following assumptions:

  • investing in small and medium companies, mainly of a capitalization up to EURO 1 billion,
  • broad diversification on the stock market,
  • no benchmark.

ESALIENS Small & Medium Cap is aiming to achieve over 8% average annual rate of return in three-year periods.

However, Esaliens management style remains unchanged, with fundamental analysis as a core feature. It constantly targets undervalued companies:

  • with relatively low valuation,
  • solid financial condition
  • and high probability of stable financial results in the future.

The sub-fund is addressed to the Investors seeking to participate in the profits earned by small and medium companies while accepting high risk assigned to such an investment. The evaluation of sub-fund’s performance should not be made for a period shorter than 3 years.


The sub-fund's name is changed in connection with the Regulation (EU) 2017/1131 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2017 on money market funds. The regulation specifies the criteria for using the term "money fund".

Both sub-funds operate unchanged in the operational field, in particular in terms of fees, operational issues and customer service

The changes above are effective 19 January 2019.

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