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Pensions at ESALIENS (PPE)

What can I do with the funds accumulated in the employee pension scheme (PPE) after the termination of employment at the employer that maintains the PPE?

PPE is an integral HR policy element of the employer  that maintains it. After the termination of employment of a particular employee, the employer do not provide contributions to the scheme coming from the employee’s remuneration, since, according to the binding provisions of law, the additional funds paid into PPE may come only from the remuneration paid by the employer that runs the scheme and are made through the employer. If the employment is terminated, a client does not receive remuneration and it is impossible for the employer to pay funds to PPE.

How can I dispose of the funds accumulated within PPE?

You may leave the funds in PPE and they will be still invested by the fund/funds, but new contributions will not flow into the PPE.

You may also transfer them to another employee pension scheme (if the new employer maintains a PPE). The details are included in the copy of the Company Agreement which is distributed to Participants. In order to receive detailed information, you may ask a person responsible for PPE at your workplace.

You may transfer your funds to Individual Retirement Account (IKE). To do that you should open the IKE at a financial institution which manages such accounts and subsequently file an application for transfer withdrawal from PPE to IKE at your former employer's who runs the PPE.

Keep in mind that any declarations of will related to participation in PPE have to filed through the employer who runs the PPE (also after the termination of employment). This procedure is directly specified in the Act on Employee Pension Schemes.

Where can I get detailed information about my employee pension scheme (PPE)?

The materials concerning the scheme and principles of its functioning are available at your employer that runs the PPE, usually at the HR department.

Can I open an account for a family member (my child or spouse)?

The Employee Pension Scheme (PPE) is designed only for employees of the company that runs such PPE.

Who is the owner of funds accumulated in the PPE?

From the first day the only owner of funds accumulated in the PPE register is the employee for whom the employer finances contributions in the scheme.

How can I update or modify my personal data? How can I change beneficiaries?

You should fill in the „Instruction on the change of declaration” and submit it to your employer. The rule also applies after the termination of employment at the company that manages your PPE.

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